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    Tarot Reading
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    Tarot Reading

    About the Session:

    I have been an intuitive empath from a very young age and giving spiritual guidance is a passion of mine, just knowing that I have been chosen by the Creator and the universe to be a conduit to pass this information on to those who need clarity or reassurance is a blessing. Nothing gives me more happiness than to know that I have helped someone.


    During your reading I will tune into each of your Chakras and Auric field to provide you with insights as to what is happening in your life be it emotionally, spiritually or physically. If at any point I feel there is a loved one in spirit who wishes to communicate with you I will pass on their messages. Once I have finished tuning into your energy I will ask you to pick a deck you are drawn too, be it Tarot or Crystal cards. After reading these cards I will then give you an Angel Card reading, where you will see the 3 main areas or challenges by which you need to address. To finish off and this is a fun part you get to pick a crystal, I will explain the meaning and why you picked that crystal and you get to take this crystal home with you to continue your healing.


    Readings can be given individually, via telephone, zoom or by holding a reading party. I also have the gift of Psychometry, which is the art of reading the psychic imprint from physical items such as photos, jewellery etc. you can bring these items with you and can be included in your reading experience.

    Please Read:

    • Reading Parties, perfect for those girls’ night in, Hens nights and work functions or just because, what’s even better is they are to be held in the comfort of your own home. There is a minimum of 4 people per party booking. THIS SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME DUE TO COVID-19
    • Please note that telephone or zoom readings will be given once your payment has been cleared.

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